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Erith Operatic Society


The Erith Technical College Operatic Society was formed in 1916 as a section of the Erith Technical College Association, some three years after the formation of the parent body. The early productions were all plays and the first one or two had only ladies in the casts. As this was during and just after the First World War, this was perhaps not too surprising.

However in 1923 a Choral Group was started and from then until the Second World War a musical and a dramatic production were performed each year. The musicals were performed in the College Hall during the Easter vacation and from photographs in our possession it would seem that some of them were very ambitious productions indeed. The Society continued to develop until with the coming of war again its activities ceased. The first post-war production, in 1948, was "The Pirates of Penzance".

Since 1956 the Society has presented its shows at the Guild Playhouse (now Erith Playhouse). Although many of our members are also members of Erith Theatre Guild, we remain two independant organisations.